Inside Jokes with Complete Strangers

by the 17th

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A highly anticipated, long overdue work by the 17th. Open your mind and give this LP a chance, and it will have a fair shake at cracking into your list of favorite Hip-Hop albums of all time, and that's even if you consider this album completely Hip-Hop.

The 17th delivers one of the most memorable albums we've heard in years. Your attention will be kept from beginning to end. There is not a track you will want to skip, and you may run quite a bit back for more.

From topics like Religion, gay rights, and New World Order conspiracies. To child neglect, and addiction. As well as the 17th's near death stabbing incident, a troubled relationship with his father, and more fun brain stimulating topics. Mixed all that in with some good ol' fashion taking off rapper's heads, this album is full of entertaining material that will stay on your playlists for time to come.

Featuring some heavy weight talent from different corners of the industry, this is a must have in your CD deck, and on your iPods and smartphones. This is just what the industry needed. A breathe of fresh air. We haven't heard quality music like this in a very long time.


released August 26, 2014

Executive Producer:
Andrew Johnson aka the 17th

Co-Executive Producer:
William Heredia aka Fokis

the 17th, Louie Rock, Anonymous, Fantom of the Beat, Relavant Beats, Josh Johnson, and Jake Johnson.

Written by:
the 17th, Rockness of Heltah Skeltah, Havoc of Mobb Deep, Joell Ortiz, Spoke in Wordz, Skyzoo, Josh Johnson, Cortez, Livin Proof, Asha and HollaAtcha Gwalla.

Recorded at:
Channel 5 Studios - Groton, CT
Studio 21 - New York , NY
Krystal Clear Records - Brooklyn, NY
Daddys House Studios - New York , NY

Mixed & Mastered:
Andrew Johnson aka the 17th



all rights reserved
Track Name: God's Away on Business (Ft. Elise 5000)(Prod by the 17th)
They keep talking forgivesness, ask Jesus for forgivenes, huh, I never did nothing to him.

God's away, God's away, God's away on business (8x)

Verse 1:
We love, we hate. We build and we break. We look up and we pray, every day, and we follow what you say. But its just dumb. How can we say you're so great when we've never seen your face. What if we praise you until we meet our fate and take a leap of faith and see what we read is fake. Time, is erased. Is this life, or is it a race? paradise, please paraphrase, cause if there's a better place than how's this not a waste? I was raised in your grace and at 8 I thought it was cool that a man walk on lakes. Healing a man that couldnt walk on his legs, but that's just about as nuts as eve talking to snakes. I think I changed when I found out Saint Nick was fake, at church in the halls taking a break, the same day we learned about a man that was placed in a cave dead, poof!, than became awake and escaped. But how can I believe when I've never seen your face? But we keep having kids and lie right to their face. And dont tell me to have faith. Thats just something people say to feel complacent and safe!

Bridge: Oh God, dear God, I hope that you exist. So i can live my life with purpose and with happiness. And when I put my hands together and I pray to you, please dont have something else to do. To you, from me, to you.

God's away, God's away, God's away on business (8x)
(Sample of 5 year old preacher quoting Bible)

Verse 2:
Maybe I should just pick up a Bible and read it. Maybe I dont want to. Maybe I'm affraid that I might believe it. Than I'd have to change, and build faith, and than I couldnt act the same, and I'd feel fake, and people would look at me strange cause I feel great. And there'd be no way for me to prove that God is real, takes just as much faith for me to believe we came from apes and there's still apes. You could make a real case when you read this stuff. I just don't know if it will ever be enough for me to believe in something I cant see and touch. That's like calling a dog a fucking male dog without seeing nuts. And than there's all this stuff that Jesus does in the book we all need and trust. I've never seen a monkey turn into a man, but than again I've never seen a woman get fucking pregnant without being touched. No one's seen enough to say it's true. And I'm not less of a person cause I don't believe the same as you. We could debate the truth but there's no fucking way that you know there's a heaven, you're just scared and you say you do. I hate to break the truth cause it hurts to say it, but you won't know if you have a soul until you're terminated. So just do what you do best. Take what your family, your friends, and your church tells you and regurgitate it.

I also think that people are so scared about what they don't know, they make things up to feel better about it.
Like life....about the dying huh?....heaven.
Hmm...I hope that parts true, dont you? I dont think we know the actual truth about anything, I know I don't.

God's away, God's away, God's away on business (8x)

(Man calls God....he gets God's voicemail, man gets impatient and says "fuck this" and hangs up)
Track Name: My Drug (Prod by the 17th & Josh Johnson)
Verse 1:
Every day was bright at first, no moon, no night. Every moment was perfect.
How did you fool me?
We could escape and waste the time away, you made me high, and every second was worth it.
Were did you take me?
It's like a flame of pain and cries remains inside my soul, and it burns me.
How'd you control me?
Just when I think that I can break the ties, I shake inside, and only more of you helps me.
But only more of you kills me.
I would lie and kill to get you.
Cause I love you.
But now im sittin' here without you.
And I miss you.
I shoulda ran when i met you.
Cause i need you.
But I'm tryna tell myself I don't want you.
Verse 2:
I can still look back and see the first time that I held you that day. I only got to see a piece of you but it blew me away. All of me tells
me that I should have always just kept it that way, cause the more I took the more I needed from you for my pain.
Everyone said you were bad for my health and they noticed a change in my acts, and when they asked about you I would lie and
just say you were great. But then they saw the scratches on my neck and my face, from your chains. I remain on this train that
seems to go one way.
Every moment spent with you my pleasure beat out my pain. I'd exchanged everything I've gained, for as much as I could withstand
and retain of you. You're nothing but everything in which I dream. I'm suffering, so don't deny me my......drug
I would lie and kill to get you.
Cause I love you.
But now im sittin' here without you.
And I miss you.
I shoulda ran when i met you.
Cause i need you.
But I'm tryna tell myself I don't want you.
Sub Chorus (After Breakdown)
When all this pain is added, to this inflated static, I just can't break the habit, I just remain an addict.
When all this pain is added, to this inflated static, I just can't break the habit, so I remain an addict